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1st of all welcome to the dead site, most of the site's demise comes down to 2 things. The movement of most Overwatch league discussion to the comments on the Youtube Vods and a lack of articles from writer burnout and the regularly stagnant nature of report OWL with it's huge droughts of news and tier 1 competition.

So assuming for some reason you wanted to have a look at the game, here is the need to watch and know list aswell as some recommendations of who to follow if you came from val

Matches to watch,

Paris vs Fusion, 2020 Summer Showdown NA Grand Finals. Probably one of the greatest sets of all time
Boston vs Houston, The toilet bowl. A match so bad that is amazing and a must watch
Shock vs Titans, 2019 Stage 1 (and stage 2) Playoffs Grand Final. Up there for the greatest match(s) of Goats gameplay ever seen
Titans vs Hunters, 2019 stage 1 week 4. This game is truly epic, please watch it with the sideshow avast watch party. Probably the most entertaining game
Fuel vs Dragons, 2022 May Melee and June Joust. 2 amazing high stakes matches with clutch plays and innovation
Spitfire vs New Your 2018 stage 1 playoffs grand final. The 1st playoffs win in OWL and a banger of a series with a hell of a story behind it

Who to rep in OWL if your here from val.gg
Shanghai Dragons, If your a Gambit fan and love watching perfects coordinated gameplay combined with pop-off plays from some of the most mechanically gifted players in the world. All you will need to learn is void is cracked and Fleta is meta.
San Francisco Shock, If your a Sentinels fan this is probs your go. The roster Sinatraa played for packed with talent and personality like the overwatch Shazam that is Cashew "super" Delisi
Los Angles Gladiators, You want to rep the guard. While this is where the Guard came from, they cut their teeth in Overwatch. Look out for highlights from players like Shu and Kevster as well as the great return of Patipan from his brief holiday on X10
Chengdu Hunters, These boys have Bonkars energy. The ultimate underdog who refused to conform during the most oppressive meta in OWL history. Leave is insane, yotta chad Ameng is goated until his departure and
Philly Fusion, do you wish to live in pain. Have your hope built up only for it all to be broken at the last minute as they come second place again. Well have I got the team for you.
Seoul Dynasty, ascend fans this is the team for you. Watch as the goat himself 'Profit' tries his hardest to carry his usually sub par team mates to the limit waiting for one of them to turn up so they can make a play off run.
Houston Outlaws, Optic fans these are your boys or were you boys. Buying franchises is complicated tldr. Jake is your new favorite player and you dream of pelican team wipes
Dallas Fuel, the origin story of XQC and the home of Sparkle and Fearless players with some of the greatest story lines in overwatch history
Washington Justice, Calypso this is your team. This is the TSM of Overwatch, decay is your new wardel.... good luck?
Vancouver Titans, Breadsticks. That is all
London Spitfire/Paris Eternal, FPX fans these are your guys. The last hopes of EU overwatch, both show signs of life but don't always live up to it
Hangzhou Spark, you like anime?
Guangzhou Charge, the other guys from china
Boston Uprising, The G2 of Overwatch without the massive spending. Watch as they try to relive the glory days of season 1
Atlanta Reign, To all the Faze fans out there. This was the home of babybay and "the greatest aimer the game has seen" Dafran. They do some cool shit have a fair few upsets. KSP is nuts and Gator is the OG main tank from the team Goats
Toronto Defiant, I think Rise fans might be on for something here. They have a rebuilt roster with some solid potential, I reckon you might find this to be your team
New York Excelsior, These are owned by the same guys as andbox. They have a rich history of triumph and domination as well as loss and heartbreak
Los Angeles Valiant, Pick another one

Enjoy your stay as you meme on the not quite alive website that is over.gg


W post its like that vlr post that introduces you to vlr and how to get stars


W post




huge W


Hugeee W. Thanks Hater!


W Post :)

Who's your favorite team and player to watch btw?


Thanks Hater!!

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