Fusion announce former SF shock dps Rascal

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The Philadelphia Fusion have signed Rascal formerly of the San Francisco Shock. This will be his 4th OWL team.

Rascal was the Flex dps player for the San Francisco Shock, having a career resurgence under the guidance of Crusty. Prior to joining the San Francisco Shock he was on their inactive academy team NRG esports. As a player his most notable achievements including winning the summer showdown, may melee and grand finals of Season 3
2 of the overwatch league coupled with a stage 2 victory.

He joins a new team in Philadelphia Fusion, having previously worked with his new head coach Ninek previously an assistant coach of the San Francisco Shock and Mobydik who was the head coach NRG esports. This signing was very late into the off season, speculations and rumours point towards EQO being unable to acquire a visa to join the team in korea.

This team will face new opponents in the APAC region and will be aiming for a title which has been eluding the franchise since it's inception.

The Philadelphia Fusion's roster is:

Jaehyeok "Carpe" Lee (DPS)
Josue "EQO" Corona (DPS)
Niclas "sHockWave"Jensen (DPS)
Dongjun "Rascal" Kim (DPS)
Donggyu "Mano" Kim (TANK)
Gael "Poko" Gouzerch (TANK)
Daniel "FunnyAstro" Hathaway (SUPPORT)
Kyung-bo "Alarm" Kim (SUPPORT)


I love how people have just started writing the articles that aint there. Surely we keep this up


ofc soon we replace scrub


yeah sad how scrub died so young...

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