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Disclaimer, I don't claim to write very well or for over.gg for that matter. Just got bored and thought since there was nothing out from over.gg on the LA news i'd give it a try myself, also don't judge my poor grammar to hard :)

The Los Angles Valiant have announced their new Chinese roster following the organizations structural rebuild to partner LinGan E-Sports, former academy partners of the Chengdu hunters, who will be handling operations for Company’s overwatch league team withing the 2021 season.

The team announced on weibo that the 2021 LA Valiant Roster would consist of former overwatch league players Krystal’s and Wya who both most recently played with the Guangzhou Charge and a cast of Chinese Rookies, mostly fielded from former The One Winner contenders players.

Insert cool picture here of probably Krystal since his like the big name draw for this roster. Also surely reply with the word pineapple if your still reading the low quality news post :)

Krystal any Wya joins the Valiant having most recently played for the Charge’s academy team ‘Ultra Prime Academy’ as two-way players with the Charge. Regularly fighting against relegation before a re-structure in the 4th week of Season 2 Contenders China which left them free agents going into the 2021 off season. It should also be noted that Krystal played with the Hangzhou Spark in 2019 before leaving with controversy and legal action being taken again the player by the team.

The new Chinese Contenders rookies within the roster are DPS player MoLanran, Main Tank Silver3 and Support Highbee who most recently played for The One Winner, ShowCheng who recently played Off Tank for Flag Gaming and Main Tank player NvM who recently returns from a 2 year long retirement in December 2018.

2 big concerns of this roster are going to be NvM’s return to competitive play following his 2-year long hiatus from game having last played for LGE in contenders China Season 3 under the name ‘Aidoudou’. The other being the transition of highbee from is previous role as T1W’s off tank to the flex support position of the LA Valiant.

This season’s LA Valiant staff will consist of Coach’s JpCat formerly of T1W and Hiko formerly of Flag Gaming who have the task to prepare and mold their rookie team before the roster’s debut game against the Chengdu Hunters 17/04/2021 in week 1 of the 2021 Overwatch League season.

The Los Angles Valiant’s Roster is:

  • Cai "Krystal" Shilong (DPS)
  • Liao “MoLanran” Yang (DPS)
  • Han “Siver3” Haibo (Tank)
  • Wem “NvM” Yelin (Tank)
  • Cheng “ShowCheng” Yu (Tank)
  • Zhang “Highbee” Zening (Support)
  • Qi “Way” Haomiao (Support)

Well that was fun :)


Fuck the valiant




Well this is a nice piece. I think you covered a lot of things here and that is very much enough to keep me happy when it comes to reading updates. I think you did a great job of making a lot of research and eventually writing off well about it. This one is a good read and i would give it 10/10 since you really did a good work out of it. One can say that this is almost written by a pro or someone who is really familiar with the leagues and other stuff about it too.

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