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Includes staff as well. Packing10 is returning too. Fuck the valiant
Edit: one of the things I do ask is Ik a lot of fans like me and especially valiant fans are going to be very Angry about this. Even as a shock fan ( been one since the nrg days so getting that there before someone calls me a bandwagon). I just ask no one crosses the line with anything they say whether that’s on here or Twitter or anything else. I’ve been a part of this community for near 5 years and I’ve seen us do some great things so plz don’t let this cloud that. People have 100% a rigjt to be furious at this and I do agree that another western team making this move is wrong for the league. I just ask that no one makes any xenophobic remarks whether that’s directed at the team and especially at the players they sign after this




Ur a bandwagon


Yes, no xenophobia or hate towards new players and staff. The org who not only made the decision to move, but the decision to royally fuck over all their players and staff, they do deserve hate for sure. I hate them.

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