[PC] [NA/EU] [Bronze-GM Teams] [Casual & Comp Team


What and who we are:
We are an Esports team that is currently looking to expand and get more players, to create new rosters. We have players and teams from Bronze to Masters (And free we provide Coaching). We are also looking for more coaches and members for management spots if you are interested in that aspect. We do not have a minimum rank/game experience required but look for active members looking to grow. Right now, we have spots open for players who want to play casually, semi-competitive, or players wanting full-on competitive rosters to have practices and scrims with. We are also a platform for members to have their scrims and games streamed on, which helps off new teams get the reach they need to grow.

Speaking fluent English.
Be 14+ years of age.
Be a positive, non-toxic person, willing to improve and grow.
Being active (15 hours of games a month for casual, or at least 10-14 hours a week for competitive).

If you would like to know more or join us, please contact me on discord: Spikers#2418

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