Best Overwatch guide?

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Is there any overwatch guide I can use to better myself? Trying to learn tracer but so bad at it.


there's a workshop i use called "realistic aim trainer". made by todan#1787 : https://workshop.elohell.gg/mND2G7Viasf-tEP/


A 4Head answer would be to just "watch the top tracer players" but their play involves thinking about both what they are going to do and what other players are most likely to do in certain situations. Since I used to be an Overwatch coach and have taught people how to play roles I teach differently for people that are starting to learn something at a platinum rank than a masters rank.

If you're new to Tracer, focus on controlling flanks, getting information for your team (such as if there is a sniper in a certain location), and farming pulse bomb charge off of the enemy tanks. Those are really the core fundamentals of tracer and focusing on honing those skills can get you pretty far with her.

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