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We're a few Overwatch enthusiasts who have developed a very early prototype of a lightweight Windows application that will enable you to be notified on Discord (via messages from a Discord-bot) when your game queue ends.
We believe this might be very handy with the long queue times we are experiencing after the introduction of role queue (even though “while you wait” has helped in some scenarios). At least this has given us the freedom to roam the house (with the Discord app on our phones) while waiting for the queue to end. This also enable us to not worry about a potential leaver penalty and SR loss.
We’re already working on a more sophisticated and solid version, so we are eagerly looking for early feedback - feel free to provide it here in this post.

How to use the tool:

  1. Open the application - newest version can be downloaded at https://queuepopper.com/
  2. Press "Sign in with Google" and follow the sign up steps
  3. Start the "queue detection process" and start searching for a game in Overwatch (stay in-game while searching)
  4. Receive a message on Discord (use Discord mobile app) when the queue starts and ends
  5. Repeat from step 3 and enjoy the physical freedom while queuing

Video showing how the application works: https://youtu.be/EtThrQoYleU



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