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Overwatch Community Montage [Hightlights Wanted]

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Greetings! Let me introduce myself, my first name is Francis from Montreal Canada! Posting on here because I'm working on a new overwatch highlights montage, with my level of expertise in the video editing universe I'll try and come up with a well edited, creative and most of all fun montage for everyone to enjoy! So here is where this post comes in handy, I would like to use highlights from anyone willing to submit them, of course if you do submit highlights you will be fully credited in the description of the video. If you want to submit me a video just send me a private message so I can provide you with an email address in order for you to share your highlights with me. Here are the requirements please so don't message me if your highlights don't fit the requirements.


  • Must be saved using the in game highlights recorder
  • Your in game name in order to give credits
  • PC Only, no console highlights


Resolution: 1080p
Super sample: X1
Fps: 60
Quality: Ultra
Format: MP4
Hardware encoding: On
Music: Off


  • I will accept a maximum of 4 highlights per person so don't send me more please
  • Note submitting highlights does not mean I will accept all of them, and if I accept a certain highlight depending on how the editing goes some that I accept might not make it in but I will try to have at least one for each person that submits some.
  • Once the editing is finished with a message will be sent to all the people who submitted highlights, this post will be edited and a new post will most likely be created!
  • I'm always open to comments and suggestions so feel free to comment!

Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to working with the community!


What editing softwares do you use? - Adobe Premiere pro/Adobe after Effects

What music will there be in the montage? - I'm looking right now because I need certain types of music for the kind of edit I'm
doing but feel free to suggest some.

How many years of experience in editing do you have? - 5 Years

Who do you main? - Orisa

Do you speak french? - Yes now stop it

Do you find widow hot? - I said stop I'm french canadian not baguette french

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