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Overwatch Should Be Most Popular FPS eSport

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I came to Overwatch eSports just from playing the game a lot on PS4 originally. I knew of eSports form spending some time in Korea and watching Starcraft and assumed there would be some for Overwatch knowing Blizzard's reputation. From there I discovered twitch, and the larger eSports world. I personally played a lot of CS 1.6 and COD MW2 before taking a break from any video games. Now coming back and finding Twitch and etc., I've watched some CS:GO and COD games and they are so boring compared to OW. I think the fast pace, and constant action of OW makes it be by far the best FPS to watch. Now I have no experience with MOBAs and so I know nothing about LOL or DOTA2, but as to the extent my knowledge base goes, I don't see anything competing with OW for excitement or joy of watching.

Much of this comment was influence by watching the most recent "Through the Grapevine" episode. Thoughts?


Problem is, you have to play the game to appreciate the skill that the pros have. In a game like CS:GO its pretty easy to tell how players are good. There are so many little things in Overwatch that usually go unrecognized


Some of this is because the spectating experience is not ideal. Recently (world cup) blizzard has been making some improvements to this but there's still a long way to go.


Realistically there is only so much you can do to help spectating Overwatch, it is such a chaotic game by nature that it seems impossible to make an ideal spectating experience. The chaos and team play however is a reason why I enjoy watching the game

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