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A friend of mine asked me to make a dark theme of the site to use for him. Figured I'd release it to the public as well. Its mostly just recolouring of elements, but I also fixed a couple small bugs. Tested on Chromium/Firefox on both windows and linux. Dunno how it looks on IE/Safari/Opera. Some stuff is likely to break with any site updates, and I'll try to keep this up to date.

Screenshot album: http://imgur.com/a/3mwE9
CSS: http://pastebin.com/N6rjQgjB

On Chromium, remove the @moz-document wrapper and specifiy the url as http://over.gg from the Stylish GUI.

EDIT: updated for the recent site changes


god bless, this was exactly what i was looking for
have you posted this to userstyles.org? that's typically where'd i go to look for stylish skins for a new website first

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