Insane performance of Team Bozo at World Cup


"Team Bozo" is an Overwatch 2 Belgian team composed of 5 members: Mouldesstere, Alexein, Thosti, Leflemar, and Sicarius. The team was created on the 15 of February 2023 to compete in the Overwatch World Cup 2023 - Belgium Open Trials.

Here is a presentation of the players:

Mouldesstere as the tank (Master 2). Mouldesstere is one of the best tank players in Hainaut. He can play most tanks (except Wrecking Ball) and is particularly good with Roadhog, Reinhardt, D.Va, and Junker Queen.

Alexein as the hitscan DPS (Platinium 5). Alexein is very good at clicking heads. He mainly plays Widowmaker, Ash, and Soujourn but don't be surprised to see him on other heroes like Torbjörn or Mei.

Thosti as the flanking DPS (Silver 2). Don't laugh at Thosti when you see his rank because he is a beast on the battlefield. As a Reaper and Soldier 76 main, his mastery of the "2015" (Reaper's ultimate) is unrivaled in Belgium.

Leflemar as the main support (Grand Master 5). Retired Overwatch 1 tank main, Leflemar now plays support in Overwatch 2. As he is still learning the support role, Leflemar's true potential isn't showing yet but he is making progress with Zenyatta. He can also play Lucio, Brigitte, and Ana (with a 10% sleep dart accuracy).

Sicarius as the flex support (Master 2). As the team leader, Sicarius is sort of the brain of the team. His game sense is immaculate and he always takes good decisions to lead his team to victory. He has reached perfection with almost all the support, but he mainly plays Ana, Kiriko, and Zenyatta.

Team Bozo finished 5th at the trials, which is amazing considering how stacked the tournament was.


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