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While Fuel really needed a hitscan player for continued success, is Pine going to be able to live up to his 2018 performances when the whole skill floor of the League has increase so much? How does he fare against the likes of Diem, Happy or even BQB when he's on a tear?


I think he'll be solid, and he has the playstyle and nutty aim to produce the occasional highlight, but obviously don't expect him to come in and dominate. I think he will be considered a good hitscan specialist, above average dps player to have. With the hype surrounding the big boss's return you'd think he's the best hitscan in the league. I feel bad because he went on hiatus because of all the pressure and now he is still one of the most loved players joining a popular contending team, the pressure would feel higher then ever.


I think this season will either see him back as a mainstay in the league, or keep away for good

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