Week 2 Predictions

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PAR 3-2 VAN (Vancouver get 2 maps due to having some in server experience against better teams, Paris DPS + Support line too strong however)

GLA 3-2 LDN (Gladiators hopefully learn from their week 1 mistakes + having more time for team to gel with MuZe should be enough to get them over the line. London should be a strong opponent in rush meta, wouldn't be too surprised to see them win it)


HOU 3-0 PAR (Houston look like the best team in NA at the moment after a strong 2-0 week, while i think Paris will take a couple weeks to adjust to competition in the League)

Key Game
GLA 3-2 BOS (Same as previous for Gladiators + they should have a bit more confidence after closing out a win. Boston have stepped up their tank line after promoting GaeBullSsi + this is looking like it could be a great meta for them with Valentine on Echo + im37 on McCree)

WAS 3-2 DAL (Justice are looking for a title this year, Dallas will be a great first test to see how Justice can adapt to "Off-meta" picks like Doomfist comps)

CDH 3-1 NYXL (CDH looking cracked out after pounding week 1 and Leave + Ga9a being an excellent 1-2 punch for any dive comp. NYXL have a lot to prove with their rookie roster, should be a fun game full of insane DPS plays. Chengdu roster just looks better on paper, hard to bet against them right now)

PHI 3-2 HZS (Philly seem to have integrated the former NYXL tank line excellently to couple with the aggressive play of Alarm & Carpe + the emergence of Rascal's surprisingly outstanding Tracer. Hangzhou, although having strong DPS, Tanks and a promising mix of Rookies and OWL veterans in the backline, it just wont be enough to counter a hungry Fusion


HOU 3-1 LDN (Houston will have a 4-0 qualifier, feelsgoodman)

DAL 3-2 BOS (Dallas simply have the better team on paper, Stand1 won't be able to stand up to Fearless + the DPS outclass im37, Valentine & Colourhex)

WAS 3-1 VAN (Not much to say here, Vancouver hopefully keep taking maps of some of these good teams instead of rolling over and dying)

HZS 3-2 NYXL (Hangzhou have a tank diff in this match. Guxue + Bernar/LiGe should pound compared to BiAncA and a reinvigorated YakPung. Every other role matches up pretty well)

Key Game
PHI 3-2 CDH (I believe this match come down to coaching, RUI vs. NineK. NineK's work with the Shock under Crusty cannot be ignored, while RUI is the most coveted coach in China and any success the Hunters have had has been under his watch. I say NineK has the upper hand)


I don't really see Vancouver winning 3 maps across their series this week. Maybe they're better than I'm giving them credit for, but I feel like on paper there's no way a team could make up the talent gap between their roster and Justice's, even if only for a map. I'm glad you share my confidence in Fusion. Houston's potential 4-0 start actually makes me so happy, although I wouldn't quite call them the best looking team in NA just yet. Shock still look better when they aren't throwing and just play Nero-Striker as their dps line.


I'd agree Vancouver could easily get rolled this week with two tough games. I don't think Shredlock is as bad as some people call it, him against Daan should be very interesting to watch. frdwnr could play at the level of Ellivote if he's at the top of his game to start off the week. While I think Houston could be at the top of teams for week 1, I definitely see them falling off in 2-3 weeks, once other teams get comfortable, could slip down to 5th-6th imo.

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