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Given the late release of the Los Angles Valiants roster it was up in the air whether the players and coaches would be able to find new OWL teams or they would find themselves asking if they would even want to compete in contenders or just retire and persue a career in an alternative field.

The players were comprised of:
Johannes "Shax" Nielsen (DPS)
Kai "Kai" Collins (DPS) - Formerly know as KSP
Brady "Agilities " Girardi (DPS)
Adam "Adam" Soong (TANK)
Song "Dreamer" Sang-lok (TANK)
Moon "Lastro" Jung-won (SUPPORT)
Park "RAin " Jae-ho (SUPPORT)

First off with the DPS line up Johannes "Shax" Nielsen was picked up for the new London Spitfire European rebuild focused around their contenders roster core and was announceed on the 8th of Febuary.
Kai "Kai" Collins formerly known as KSP was picked up for the Atlanta Reign and was announced on the 11th of Febuary.
Brady "Agilities " Girardi was signed to his ex team Toronto Defiant as a Content creator and was announced on the 3rd of Febuary.
Adam "Adam" Soong (TANK) and Song "Dreamer" Sang-lok (TANK) were announced as the new tank line of DarkMode NA and was announced on the 23rd of March.
Moon "Lastro" Jung-won (SUPPORT) joins the Toronto defiant as their newest addition since announcing their core roster and was announced on the 10th of Febuary
Park "RAin " Jae-ho (SUPPORT) has not been announced anywhere but Lutional the Los Angles Valiants 2020 Translator commented RAin went to serve his military service this was announced on the 18th of March.
Sungwoo "Sungwoo " Hong (Assistant Coach) has not been publically announced to be going anywhere at time of publication.
Max "Unter" Unterwurzacher (Associate Head Coach) has been announced to be the an assistant coach of DarkMode NA on the 23rd of Febuary


Do you think that they can still win big in the long run? There are many other teams out there and these players are still homeless. It is easy to expect that they will all go their separate ways and find another team to play for. One can get even lucky enough to play for a contending team that has a bigger chance of winning in the league. That is what i expect based on the other esports that i have seen and hosted in my time as a caster. And that is a quick fact about it as well.

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