Los Angles Valiant releases thier roster


The Los Angles Valiant publicly released their entire roster on January 31, 2021 citing covid related visa issues. This comes as a major shock resulting in many pundits of this move, questioning OWL as to how such a thing could happen give how late into the off season it was as many rosters had finished thier roster building leaving either no space or are finnacially not able/willing to bring on extra pieces.

Packing 10 will be staying with Immortals valorant team as he was signed as General Manager/Head coach of both the Los Angles Valiant and Immortals Valorant team, the dropping of the roster also includess their korean members Dreamer, Lastro, Rain and Assistant coach Sungwoo. Ontop of that it also entails their new aquistions of Aglilities, Adam and Sungwoo.

The players were comprised of:
Johannes "Shax" Nielsen (DPS)
Kai "Kai" Collins (DPS) - Formerly know as KSP
Brady "Agilities " Girardi (DPS)
Adam "Adam" Soong (TANK)
Song "Dreamer" Sang-lok (TANK)
Moon "Lastro" Jung-won (SUPPORT)
Park "RAin " Jae-ho (SUPPORT)

The coaches were comprised of
Mike "Packing10" Szklanny (Head Coach and General Manager)
Max "Unter" Unterwurzacher (Associate Head Coach)
Sungwoo "Sungwoo " Hong (Assistant Coach)

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