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The Chengdu Hunters have announced the promotion of Team Chasers Flex Support Zhou" Mmonk" Xiang to the Chengdu Hunters.
Prior to joining Team Chasers Mmonk was on Flag Gaming on that team he led them to a contenders title, however despite that they were unnable to carry on that mommentum into Gauntlet: Asia falling 3:0 to to RunAway in upper semis and 3:0 to GenG in lower round 2.

He will be joining his former Flag gaming coach yaxioe on the Chengdu Hunters in the APAC region of the Overwatch League, the APAC division being considered by analysts to be the more competitive region by many analysts in comparison to the Western devision despite only having one comparativly weaker team - the newly recuited Los Angles Valiant.

This will be Mmonks 1st time in OWL with the Chengdu Hunters as they attempt to part from their shadow of their past two seasons with a large roster that can fit any meta and play a large array of heroes.

The Chengdu Hunter's roster is:

Yi "Jinmu" Hu (DPS)
Huang "Leave" Xin (DPS)
Lei "Jimmy" Yujia (DPS)
Liu "Kaneki" Nian (DPS)
Qiu "GA9A" Jiaxin (TANK)
Ma "Lateyoung" Tianbin (TANK)
Luo "Else" Wenjie (TANK)
Ding "Ameng" "GigaChad" Menghan (TANK)
Cao "Farway1987" Jiale (SUPPORT)
Zhou "Mmonk " Xiang (SUPPORT)
Li "Yveltal " Xianyao (SUPPORT)
Tan "Nisha " Li (SUPPORT)


lmao lovin this

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