UGC League - Overwatch Season 13 SIGNUPS OPEN NOW!


Are you looking to take Competitive to the next level? UGC League is a free-to-play Overwatch tournament, open to PC players across the globe of all skill levels! With three, multi-week seasons per year and hundreds of teams signed up each year there's ample opportunity for some great competition! So come put your skills to the test and join in the fun! Head over to our sign up page and click the "Battle Net Login" button to begin setting up your team! The season starts Friday Sept 25th!

We have 4 divisions for various skill levels:

  • NA Premier: Stable teams with mid-high achieving records in other tournaments/leagues (e.g. T3), players should be mostly Masters+
  • NA Intermediate: Newer teams with minimal tournament experience, 3750 team avg SR limit, players should be Diamond+, 2 GM limit
  • NA Beginner: Brand new teams for Plat (and below) players
  • Open: SA, EMEA, ASIA/PAC & AUS (Single open division in each region unless enough teams signup to split into skill divs like NA)

Quick Info:

  • Season starts: Friday Sept 25th
  • Registration ends: Wednesday Sept 23rd
  • Duration: 6 weeks of regular season play followed by 3 weeks of playoffs (1 match per week)
  • Match nights: Fridays
  • Regions: NA, SA, EMEA, ASIA/PAC & AUS
  • System: PC only
  • Cost: Free!
  • Skill level: All skill levels welcome!

How to contact us

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