UGC Overwatch Season 11 SIGNUPS OPEN NOW!!!


Season 11 starts Mon. Sept 9th, and SIGNUPS ARE OPEN NOW! JOIN NOW!

Quick Info:

  • Season starts: Monday Sep 9th
  • Registration ends: Wednesday Sept. 11th
  • Duration: 8 weeks of regular season play (1 match per week) followed by 2 weeks of playoffs (2 matches per week)
  • Match nights: Mondays (+Wednesdays during playoffs)
  • Regions: NA/SA/EU/AS/AUZ-NZ
  • System: PC only
  • Cost: NA Premier $35/team entry fee. All other divs FREE
  • Prize pot (NA Premier Only): $560 (16x$35) to the winning teams / Stretch Goal: Anything over the entry fees will go to the winning teams in Intermediate!

We have 5 divisions for various skill levels:

  • NA Premier (Entry fee required): GM+ preferred - each Premier team gets a high bit rate (384kbps) voice room in our server to use during the season for whatever they want! Bit rate that high normally requires 50 Nitro boosts!
  • NA Intermediate: Masters and below with 2 GM limit
  • NA Beginner: Diamond and below with 1 Master limit
  • NA Rookie: Platinum and below only
  • Open: EU/SA/AS/AUS-NZ only (unless enough teams signup to split into skill divs)

UGC is a highly recognized league. Achieving Top 25% placement in a season, will counts as 1 of the 3 placements needed to get the T3 role in The OW Discord.

How to contact us

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