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Hi, just like to point out that due to the Decay between Seasons, the ELO of the OWL teams is off for Season 2. Starting at 1500 ELO, the Shanghai dragons probably shouldn't have lost the same ELO to Decay in the offseason than the NYXL, for example. If anything, they should have regained ELO in the offseason.


It is not a perfect system anyway, as ELO should be linked to players: teams would then present a rating which amounts to the average player ELO.

This is because even in the OWL, for many teams the previous ELO is irrelevant, as they're significantly different (think about Shangai Dragons). And let's not even start talking about how quickly the T2 teams change. But that would require a complete overhaul of the ELO system, which may not be worth the trouble given how arbitrary the over.gg ELO rating is.

I do not deny though that I pleasantly browse the Teams page to check the current rating for many teams, so if you need a supporter of a over.gg ELO revamp, I'm definitely one!

For starters, I agree that the rating should lean to 1500, which is the starting point for new teams.

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