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Restya is a coach now. Jervisss is Nova's main support.

romeo, Chas3r and Boomburapa played all maps for GIANT LYNX. NutsuruSama, Bello and Rodtunglnw didn't play this match.

posted 1 week ago

No, Bio and Duzi had different names when he was listed on Skyfoxes roster on Contenders official website. Bio's name is 정동영, Duzi's name is 김창재.

posted 2 months ago

Bio played all maps for Skyfoxes, not Duzi.

Edit: CherryRing did not play this match either.

posted 2 months ago

Pine also played multiple roles before OWL, he would be a great example to be mentioned here.

He already was main Zarya, main Genji and Flex support.

posted 6 months ago