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Hey guys i am dillydisdayleTURNER (but u can just call me disdayle lol :)) and I am looking for 5 other playsrs to copmpete in gosu gamers. I currently main dps (mostly tracer hehe) , and I am looking for other gamers to play with me

I want a tank, medic, and reaper. The last two clases are up to you, but I think genji and hanzo for their cohesion and damge/movibility.

I am aiming for a top 30ish team in america and i want only DEDICATe players. We scrim mornings from 11 to 3 (california time) :3

Please no troll adds, and NO PEOPLE OVER 14, also NO GIRLS!! I cannot stress this enough!!!

all tryouts will be through quickplay so that competetive ratings are not affected :))

add me on skype or shoot me an email: dillydisDAYleTURNA (skype) dillydillyDISdayle@hotmail.com

posted about 6 years ago

DEFINATELY does not tilt, he IS calm and collected, he thrives on improvement and he will be a calm voice in your mumble/discord/ts/gamechat!!!

posted about 6 years ago