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So my goal and dream is to work towards an open division squad, and competitive team that is built around multi talented individuals and pushes to have fun and further improve their game. I will be making a discord for this team, and after the initial 6 members are added we will hold a vote on team name. I am looking to have a 12 man squad total in the future that way we always have people on to run games online, and can do 6v6 in house scrims for practice. This many players also allows diversity among the squad and some players may even opt to only ladder play and scrims. We will either do two squads for the next season of open division or one squad with the ability to push into the open division squad next season.

A little about myself, I am 24 years old and live on the east coast. I have been ranked up to 2700 plat, and float around 2100 running mostly solo que right now and working on dps this season as it was my weakest department for awhile. I would mostly consider my self a Flex Tank (Orisa, Winston, DVA, Zarya) and Flex Support (Lucio) I have been working on my Tracer and Mcree play as well and I can basically fill any role comfortably. I like to shot call, and manage ult economy when I can, I tend to enjoy someone else making push calls but I can also put myself in that role.

Positions I have covered so far in friends I have interested at least on the competitive side.
Off Tank- Dva Flex Support - Moira/Mercy (2200 Gold range)
DPS main/Flex tank- Mcree, Zarya, Roadhog (Ana as well sometimes) (High 2700 plat)
Flex DPS/off tank - Soldier, Mcree, Junkrat, Roadhog, Winston and he also flexes onto Zenyatta. (High 2800 plat max)
DPS Main- Genji, pharah, widow (mid plat-low diamond)
Tank/Support Flex - mercy, lucio, Zenyatta, moira, rein, orisa, winston, dva(Gold)

not all of these players are shoe in for positions as they are just my friends and I realize they aren't the greatest players always so it will be up to the open scrims and comp matches to decides who gets starters and who actually wants to take this more seriously. You can message me on here or add my alt account for now because I don't have my other battletag pulled up SpeedTracer#1414

you can join the discord here and go ahead and introduce yourself to and it's probably the best way to get a hold of us.


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