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Total injustice that they aren't on this top 10. Two finals in two seasons. Heard it here first!

posted 10 months ago
Editorial: Why can't "competitive" and "casual" coexist? in News

If people haven't been exposed to this kind of content in the past they won't necessarily seek out and filter for that content regardless of whether or not they would enjoy it. It's about reaching that demographic.

In regards to the article, I agree that it doesn't even have to be an argument of "competitive vs casual". I'd go far as to say that there would be a lot of high quality content aimed at a "casuals"is missing out on a lot of because of the low effort, easily digested content that floods that particular sub reddit.

posted 10 months ago
Twelve O'Clock News, Episode 1: The Europe Problem in News

A face for Irish radio

posted 11 months ago World Rankings: 25/09/2016 - 03/12/2016 in News

I appreciate that and I'm not saying that you just looked at average tournament placings. These types of ranking do lend to a lot of subjective thinking so there is always going to be some bias, which is completely fine. I'm just expressing my opinion that nV was definitely not the best team overall for the past 2 and a bit months despite their recent success during the APEX bracket stage. I still think Rogue deserves the top spot for what the more consistent showing throughout the whole time period.

I'm surprised you raise the second point though. Even if it was just one player, with the substitution of Mickie, that team changed dramatically. How much you attribute to the substitution or to the patch change is up for debate though.

posted about a year ago World Rankings: 25/09/2016 - 03/12/2016 in News

How is nV's run in APEX not a fluke? They essentially won the lottery in terms of the set of circumstances that allowed them to win it. Again, it says these rankings are for the past 3 months and nV's results for the past 3 months are not indicative of the best team in the world. The lineup that won APEX has only played in one LAN tournament and it wasn't even the full tournament.

posted about a year ago World Rankings: 25/09/2016 - 03/12/2016 in News

Rogue is the obvious choice but there's the argument Misfits for winning the Overwatch Open and I guess Dreamhack (despite the weaker field of talent).

I just think the obvious point is that nV shouldn't really be placed as 1st. They arguably would have failed to reach the final of the Overwatch Open if not for the way the NA/EU qualification brackets worked. They failed to top their group in APEX and then happened to go on a fluke run with a substitute, hardly makes them the number 1 team of the past 3 months. By that logic Kongdoo Uncia should be ranked higher than 7th.

posted about a year ago World Rankings: 25/09/2016 - 03/12/2016 in News

Despite the fact that EnVyUs just won APEX, I still find it a little hard to stomach calling them the best team in the world for the whole 3 months. As previously mentioned in the article they managed to catch the perfect storm to get that win and all their LAN results prior to the patch suggested that they weren't the number one team. Even their 2nd place at Overwatch raises a few questions regarding the seemingly weaker NA side of the bracket.

posted about a year ago