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at what point do you start to realize that everyone loses passion for there job. but do it anyways.

posted 9 months ago

Very well layed out. 2 games per venue is much better for the fan experience and crowd participation. No 8 hour days for fans, and staff, should lead to better energy for the crowds.

posted 10 months ago

I would think home games should be a 2 game per venue 2 venues per day setup. Schedule a regional team vs whomever, home team vs whomever. Then second venue same thing. Thus giving people a chance to see regional teams that they might care to see then the home team. While not having to fill an arena for 8 hours. 2 4 hour venues makes for a better fan experience as well as doubling ticket sales on Blizzards end.

Individual home games for every game in my opinion would be ridiculously tough to pull off.

posted 11 months ago

No I'm implying that The Titans will have a harder time losing as hero bans heavily favor the better teams and not the lesser teams.

posted about a year ago

I was in fact referring to Striker. Not that Sinatraas a slouch on Tracer either if players were picked pre bans or anything. But yeah losing to them would be a different level all of a sudden they (Titans and Shock) could let others ban GOATS and just outplay them on other comps that they banned the counter too. While the substandard GOATS teams (read almost everyone else) are required to ban GOATS or lose. That's not good competitively at all, hero bans wouldnt be terrible for matchmaking but who gets to ban a captain of some sort or a team vote......ahhhhhh yes another thing for players to get toxic about cause it didnt go their way sounds good for the game/sarcasm. Bans are not currently a solution, not a bad idea, but not til we have 60+ heroes with enough overlap that they cant ban out entire methods of countering a hero.

posted about a year ago

Scenario 2, still decided at ban phase.

Team 1. Vancouver Titans. Dominant GOATS comp. Dominant Dive comp. bans Orisa.

Team 2. Any team not the Shock. bans Brig. loses to dive.

game 2 bans reversed.

Team 2. Bans what brig, repeat game 1. Bans a dive hero? loses to GOATS.

Team 1. lols hard.

posted about a year ago

The game would be decided at the ban phase.

Team 1. San Francisco Shock. Dominant GOATS comp. Also have probably the best Tracer player in the game. Bans McCree.
Team 2. Anyone not the Titans. Weaker GOATS comp. Bans Brig.

Tracer absolutely dominates this game.

Game 2. Bans are reversed.

Team 2. Bans what Brig, then we repeat game 1. Bans Tracer, now you lose to GOATS.

Team 1. Laughs all the way to the bank at a team that cannot pidgeon hole themselves harder.

posted about a year ago