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#4 EnVyUs take MLG Vegas in dominant fashion in News

i was sleeping

posted 3 weeks ago
#1 BTS R66 Cup UB Ro8: FaZe Clan vs. Kingdom eSports in Matches


posted 2 months ago
#2 Tempo Storm bench Mangachu for Australian duo in News

tempos ded

posted 2 months ago
#72 NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News
SKYTRiXSHAmoon2pharahAdmirableChodezHopefully NRG can dig out of the tier 2 NA trench now. The Esper > Dummy change was honestly pointless and stupid. They perform exactly the same as they had before. I honestly think this change is good though. Edit* Aww man it looks like I hurt one of your feelings, NRG fangays. I'm just being honest. NRG is tier 2 at best. I'd put them just above Splyce, Selfless, Tempo Storm and Faze right now. They honestly shouldn't have even been invited to the Korean tournament. P.S. Seagull is not the best genji in the world, infact he's not even top 3. Cry more fangays
I'm mostly disturbed that you think FaZe are tier 2 or lower :D

Haven't watched FaZe since Mendo stopped playing for them. Are they still pretty good?

They are high tier 2 i would say. They are bit fucked atm becouse meta (triple tank).

top 5 NA = tier 2

posted 2 months ago
#25 Splyce undergo major roster changes in News
Admirablezombs confirmed for new FROYO roster :thinking:
b4nny sub money = FaZe buyout
.. it's all coming together

can I have cool blue stars like u

posted 2 months ago
#21 Splyce undergo major roster changes in News
AdmirableHe has changed his Twitter handle to 4Gclockwork...
FROYO Overwatch confirmed.

thats always been his twitter handle

posted 2 months ago
#1 WEUNITED change two and become Immortals in News


posted 5 months ago
#6 Allegations fly as Bird leaves Northern Gaming Red in News


posted 5 months ago
#2 Fnatic return with nubris acquisition in News


congrats <3

posted 5 months ago
#3 Luminosity Gaming remove Esper in News

That's what happens when a team takes advice from twitch chat.

posted 6 months ago