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OW is dead

posted about 5 years ago

Positioning and timing are not mechanical skill (semantics, i guess, but still)

Arx: good post but I think brownymaster already explained that he understands the different types of "skill" that come into play, he'd just like to see more technical/mechanical skill. I think many TF2 players feel the same about this. Not just about ults, but about many weapons/mechanics in the game right now. That's why they're TF2 players and not MOBA players. It's just a matter of preferring a certain style of game.

Btw, mechanical skill is not just aiming but also movement and dodging, and the ceiling is defined by the allround depth of "direct" control you can have over your character and your abilities.

And yeah, the game would definitely be more interesting (and force players to think more about their positioning and timing) if you'd lose ult on death (or a certain %). Death just needs to be more punishing overall.

posted about 5 years ago

edit: I also think for the health of competitive, ultimate meters should deplete with each death (maybe comp only? like how CSGO treats certain aspects). 10%-20% off an ult with each death would actually reward defenders from staving off attacking players, and make using ultimates when they are ready, a bigger more important decision.

This so much. They could also implement a Vitasaw-like mechanic, where you spawn with the exact ult % that you had, but only up to a certain percentage (for instance, 75% max, so if you die while having more than 75% ult, you will spawn with 75% ult regardless)

I wouldn't mind slightly longer spawn times either. Dying just needs to be slightly more punishing in general compared to how it is now.

Killfeed and low health indicator is needed.

Visual cues for ults would be a good move. Because ults are based on damage done/taken, you can't really keep track of them otherwise. Making them purely time based wouldn't work either.

posted about 5 years ago