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#1 Assembly Winter Overwatch Invitational in General Discussion

just in case anyone is interested

posted 2 days ago
#4 The flat earth return in General Discussion
faceAre Diginitas dead?

Nope. still alive but they're not performing well as far as i know(+ there hasn't been any major tournaments that they could qualify for in a while)

QQzWell this is looking promising. After slav squad and reunited disbands we need some good eu teams!

The Reunited roster is still playing together apart from Winghaven and Onigod who are both being replaced.
Right now there are upcoming teams that many don't seem to notice really, for example b0nkers

posted 1 week ago
#9 Candles Out for Reunited in General Discussion
moon2pharahNever really cared too much for Reunited, but nonetheless, it is sad to see such a new team with promise leave the scene.

new team? They've been around for a long time :p

posted 1 week ago