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Personally, I didn't necessarily want a Vive, but I know my 5 teammates did. The only reason I'd want go through any effort pursuing this issue is that it seems to be a systemic thing in Overwatch that organizations and tournaments are failing on the professional side of things, and it would be pretty embarrassing for this to be swept under the rug. It's a shame, because the tournament itself was at least run with a map draft system, and appropriate bo3/bo5 series for the bracket and Grand Finals.

The advertising for any tournament should be truthful, or you're just deceiving people into playing your tournament. When you go through the effort of confirming the prizes twice, there shouldn't be any confusion. Another thing that irks me is the lack of compensation in any form, Vives excluded. You would think anything from an increased prize-money handout to any form of HTC product would be offered in lieu of what happened, but we've only received the $100.

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