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NRG Seagull at MLG Vegas: "if FaZe beats Cloud9 it's gonna be tough" in News

Surprised that he said Enigma is the best Tracer on the team. Seemed like part of the clockwork move was to remove the need for Enigma on Tracer.

posted about a year ago
FaZe vs. NRG – NGE Winter Premiere NGEWP OP Day 4 Ro16 in Matches

Hopefully NRG can beat Splyce because I'd like to see them play. Haven't seen them in a game in over a month and want to see what they are playing.

posted about a year ago
Talespin steps down from EnVyUs in News

Just some ending thoughts here about my teammates:
Harryhook is an awesome person to have on a team, he is always ready to win and one of the most reliable people I've played with.
Chipshajen is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever known, he never has anything bad to say about anybody. I couldn't ask for a better support to have my back.
Cocco is always trying his best, whether it be in the middle of a game or during a strategy session you can always rely on him to be there and share his opinion.
Hulk has a great overall game sense and was my main sounding board for strategy ideas and discussions, he gets a lot of flack for not be the most mechanically skilled but he does everything he can to make up for it.
Taimou... has good aim.

Talespin not really leaving much doubt in who he had issues with and why he left.

posted about a year ago
Talespin steps down from EnVyUs in News

RIP Hafficool

posted about a year ago