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Rogue vs. LW Red – IEM Gyeonggi Invitational Main Event SF in Matches

Both teams actually running some dps heroes and it's already so much more exciting to watch

posted about a year ago
MLG Vegas Viewer's Guide in News

Really want enigma and clockwork to do well I loved watching them back in the tf2 days

posted about a year ago
Just found this site and I would like to say in Site Discussion

Given time this site can definitely become the default option for anyone seeking information about the professional scene. Acquiring more mods and writers/reporters is definitely a move in the right direction. I will recommend this to anyone I know. Still you gotta keep promoting this site. Like for example on this sticky thread on reddit it's much better to have a link to here rather than to liquipedia. https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/5iptl3/spoilers_mlg_vegas_invitational_survival_guide/

posted about a year ago
Just found this site and I would like to say in Site Discussion

That I am very impressed by it and happy to know that such an informative place for the professional overwatch scene exists.
I would even go ahead and say that such a site is almost a crucial part of the growth of the scene and viewership. A consistent source of information about matches, tournaments and general news regarding the teams and what not will make it much more easier for people to get into watching the games and following this scene. Whereas now people just randomly stumble upon a stream and decide to stick around or find out about the tournament from some other source (which is probably inconsistent and just happened to publish it). This place really reminds me of hltv. The viewership and popularity of the counter strike professional scene (of the current version and previous versions of the game) would have not been the same without it in my opinion. If you put aside the incredibly toxic community and what's going on in the forums on hltv, the rest of the site in terms of information about matches, tournaments, results, transfers and announcements does an incredible job and I can see this site wishes to do the same. I can tell that there is some activity on match pages and the forums so there's already some sort of a community here which is great but I'd really like to encourage the people behind this site to continue the good work and to promote the site much more within the community so more people can get involved. (reddit might be a good place to start)

Wishing you all a good day/night and hope you enjoy the upcoming matches :)

posted about a year ago