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Ok, so is this site dead?

posted 2 months ago

I respectfully disagree. While we have seen some of the "old guard" move on from competitive OW, we are seeing increased numbers of young and hungry players from contenders move onto the scene. The launch of Valorant made it easy for people to think that the scene is dying, but I think it has been healthy for OWL to purge its less dedicated or worn out players and make way for young talent. When it comes to the money aspect of the scene, OW2 will most likely increase the attention and cashflow for the league as a whole. Blizzard has a lot of improvements to make, but I still have hope that all is not lost.

posted 5 months ago

Dallas revealed in their 2020 roster video that they have signed the flex support from Contenders.

posted about a year ago

Is this why we aren't getting any contenders right now?

posted about a year ago

Where are the streams or vods for these??? This is ridiculous. I expected Blizzard to think that this would be a great way to hold off their fans who have been starved of competitive OW for while...

posted about a year ago