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NYE vs. BOS – Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason PS in Matches

This joke would have been better for when Boston plays the Spitfire, but I still got a good chuckle

posted 2 months ago
Weird league structure in General Discussion

It might not necessarily end up the same regardless of the system, but I do agree that it's not too big a deal for season 1. If they added 4 more games to make sure each team plays the other teams an equal amount of times, they would end up playing out of division more often than in.

The divisions most certainly will be more important next year. How they will end up doing the scheduling for travel will be interesting. Having a Texas team be in the same division as a Korean team will be tough to schedule for viewers since KST is roughly minus 10 hours (depending on the time of year) than Texas time and one day ahead. Hopefully, more Asia teams will be added in the future and they can create a division over there as well. That'll help build the global viewing experience.

posted 2 months ago
FLA vs. SFS – Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason PS in Matches

Wonder what roster Philly will field. This is preseason, so they may mess around a good bit with it.

posted 2 months ago
SADO not in official OWL roster video in General Discussion

Why is the most controversial player? I can't find anything on him.

posted 2 months ago