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so its been a short time coming

posted 11 months ago

uhhh? it says 0-0 still edit: someone updated :)

posted 11 months ago

Wow IMT beat cloud 9 twice? It's almost like cloud 9 has beat them way more! Honestly putting FNATIC above cloud9 what are you smoking? Cloud 9 and Fnatic both got 3/4, Fnatic losing to FaZe cloud9 losing to Envyus big difference there. You basically took c9s MLG performance as your only way to place them. Not there tens of online tourney wins beating IMT and Fnatic. (Also saying they struggled during MLG if they placed the same as Fnatic and puting fnatic above is very very questionable.)

0-1 in APEX Season 2
Qualified for Winter Premiere
3rd/4th MLG Vegas
2nd DreamHack Winter

1-0 in Apex Season 2
Qualified for Winter Premiere
3rd/4th MLG Vegas
Carbon Masters 1st
Route 66 Bowl 1st
Multiple Alienware monthly melees

Its true that 2nd DreamHack Winter was big for them, a lot of good teams played, but there performance lately hasn't been so great. iirc c9 just beat them recently.

and IMT has been playing great but its way too earlier to put them above c9. They win one smaller LAN that no big teams were really in, and this somehow places them above a team that has dominated the online NA scene for months?

posted about a year ago