Overwatch Contenders 2019: Atlantic Showdown

Overwatch Contenders 2019: Atlantic Showdown

location: Krefeld, Germany
prize pool: $125,000 USD
start: May 30, 2019
end: June 1, 2019


Top teams from the Atlantic Contenders regions from season 1 face off in an intense double-elimination bracket.

The teams invited are:

The champions of South America (Lowkey Esports)

The two finalists of Europe (Angry Titans/British Hurricane)

The two champions of North America East and West(Fusion University/Team Envy)

Extra NA team from a finalist tiebreaker (ATL Academy)

The winner of the showdown earns their region an extra slot in the Contenders Gauntlet. For the two bottom placing teams, a Gauntlet spot is taken away from their representative region(s).