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3 Rogue send AF.Blue home with a win in Quarters of APAC 0 Lunatic-Hai continue dominance over VICI Gaming 1 NRG slam Snake to reach APAC Premier Semi Final 9 APAC Premier playoffs preview 15 Overwatch Patch for October 11th, 2016 6 ANOX bench Quake legends to bring in Nesh and Arty 3 NiP take ZuppehW full time & qualify for DreamHack Winter 21 Dignitas cut numlocked & art1er, add evokje & Veineless 3 Interview with SoOn and Zebbosai "If we hadn't lost to NiP online there's no way we’d win the LAN" 6 MVPs of Overwatch Open 4 REUNITED unveil ONIGOD in Korea 9 Melty remove Flippy to bring in Badger and Hqrdest 22 Kyb steps back from REUNITED 3 Tespa Collegiate Series offers $100,000 in scholarships 4 Groups announced for OGN APEX Season 1 1 LDLC choose Clown over kr4tos 0 Luminosity release mkL, seeking replacements 5 Muma sheds light on new Gale Force roster 25 APAC Premier groups, schedule & preview 24 Teams revealed for $178,000 OGN APEX Season 1 1 Misfits crowned Overwatch Open champions 2 DreamHack Winter hosts $50,000 Overwatch Championship 3 Misfits beat Rogue to become EU champions 0 Misfits put NiP to bed and progress to the EU Final 0 Misfits shine as Luminosity fade to black 2 FaZe win rematch against Dignitas to reach playoffs 1 Luminosity are lights out against ANOX 0 Misfits take a tumble as Rogue top Group B 0 Misfits wipe the floor with LG to open 2 Rogue begin by Putin ANOX down 0 Overwatch Open Preview: EU Group B 0 2easy: FaZe send REUNITED home in last place 0 Ninjas cut down Dignitas to top Group A 7 It's FaZe Down, 'tas Up in Group A 0 NiP tear apart REUNITED in Group A 4 Overwatch Open Preview: EU Group A 12 Splyce lose tank ShaneisGhost 0 EnVyUs win the NA Finals over Fnatic 0 Fnatic dominate NRG en route to NA Final 7 Philadelphia 76ers Acquire Esports Teams Dignitas and Apex 1 EnVyUs knocks Cloud9 out in NA Semis 1 NRG edge out Liquid to escape from Group A 0 Fnatic puts Method down to advance from groups 3 Immortals slain as Fnatic ascend 5 Method upset Cloud9 in crazy fashion 8 NRG show Splyce the door 0 Overwatch Open Preview: NA Group B 0 EnVyUs through groups over Liquid 0 Liquid drain NRG to progress 0 EnVyUs starts strong against Splyce 4 Overwatch Open Preview: NA Group A 7 Overwatch Open Viewer's Guide 0 Immortals draft in wgb for Nomy
5 iBuyPower Fall Invite Postponed 2 Interview: Fnatic coach Roflgator 5 Overwatch Open Tickets Released 1 OGN to host Overwatch APEX 16 Overwatch Open groups released 1 LDLC acquire Le Mixx 7 Immortals sign Sodipop 1 Zaprey quits, Skipjack also absent for Misfits in Overwatch Open 1 OWKings folds as players go separate ways 6 Melty kick MoonL as drastic fix 1 MSI to host $75,000 global tournament 4 Tempo Storm switch three down under 6 Overwatch Patch for September 1st, 2016 4 Tempo Storm announce North American signing 5 Sea Algae Disbands 6 Northern Gaming releases team 3 Recap: REUNITED vs. Rogue - Grand Final ESL Atlantic Showdown 2 Recap: Rogue vs. EnVyUs - Semi-Final ESL Atlantic Showdown 1 Recap: Misfits vs. Fnatic - Group A Decider Match 0 Recap: Rogue vs. compLexity - Group B Decider Match 0 Recap: Cloud9 vs. compLexity - Group B Elimination Match 0 Recap: REUNITED vs. Rogue - Group B Winner's Match ESL Atlantic Showdown 0 Recap: Rogue vs. Cloud9 - R1 ESL Atlantic Showdown 2 Recap: REUNITED vs. compLexity - R1 ESL Atlantic Showdown 0 Recap: Misfits vs. Fnatic - Group A Opening Match 1 Tempo Storm signs Untitled Spreadsheet with plans for 2nd NA team 10 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Viewer's Guide 10 Overwatch Open regional finals groups announced 6 Dignitas to buy out Creation eSports team 9 WEUNITED change two and become Immortals 5 Rules & format for Blizzcon World Cup 2 Interview with H2K, the new kids next door 8 EHOME sign Korean UW Artisan 3 ESL begin King of the Hill cups 19 TSM transferred to compLexity due to "additional allegations" of past cheating 2 Method take 1SHOT 10 NRG sign mixup, dummy confirmed 6 Splyce cut Papasmurf, sign shrugger & syckness 6 Ninjas in Pyjamas sign SG-1 5 2sTroNk join LG with plans to move to NA 6 Luminosity Gaming contracts expire 3 Untitled Spreadsheet find two new talents 0 k1ck return to Overwatch with Eyeoctane 7 dummy leaves as Liquid sign Minstrel and id_ 1 ESL corrects seeds for Atlantic Showdown 1 Final 16 for NA Atlantic Showdown Qualifier 3 Final 16 known for ESL Atlantic Showdown EU Qualifiers 1 The Australian winter shuffle begins 3 Northern Gaming Blue roster dropped 1 michr leaves OWKings to be replaced by Clown 11 Overwatch Patch for July 26, 2016 7 £5000 LAN at Insomnia58, qualifier for free tickets 4 kyynel returns to SG-1 as Lazei leaves 22 Allegations fly as Bird leaves Northern Gaming Red 6 Team SoloMid snap up Code7 16 Overwatch Open announced by ELEAGUE and FACEIT 12 FaZe slash half their roster 1 ToxikeN officially joins Creation eSports 5 Fnatic return with nubris acquisition 3 KabaL leaves Melty, tek set to join 12 Overwatch Patch for July 19, 2016 2 Team Aera lose tek, bring in poinT 11 Selfless drop two, bring in dhaK 8 Viewer’s Guide to iBUYPOWER Invitational Championship Bracket 2 DoT replaces Ned on 1SHOT 7 Splyce release Steel and flame 0 The 7th Man: An interview with mousesports lirreboss 4 Beyond the Summit launch $10,000 series 3 Aera signs top3 French team 2 Gale Force eSports and roster part ways 16 HL1 and Stopwatch return in ESL 8 Hero Limits in Overwatch 9 Teams announced for $5000 iBUYPOWER Summer Invitational 3 Overwatch Patch for July 06, 2016 1 2Easy makes way as rookie Kyb joins REUNITED 0 Likely signed as OWKings shuffle roster 2 BrOverwatch becomes GamersOrigin 7 REUNITED put 2Easy on ice 4 Overwatch Patch for June 28, 2016 22 Luminosity Gaming remove Esper 7 Creation contest as KnOxXx voids contract and may go Rogue 1 Chiefs replace ory with Zellogs 0 ozfortress Heroes League goes live 0 Avant Garde signs SHAFT 3 AU Overwatch team enters Orbit 2 ESL Atlantic Showdown details 5 Bird migrates to Northern Gaming Red 10 Graviton Surge are Misfits and now Kings of Europe 15 FaZe unveil intercontinental roster 5 harbleu rejoins Gale Force eSports 1 nubris out, 1SHOT in for Operation Breakout 1 ESL Amazon Gaming Series €10,000 0 €3000 Acer Pro Challenge 6 b1am's boys become Selfless 18 Overwatch Patch for June 14, 2016 7 harbleu parts with Gale Force eSports 8 Splyce pick up FIGM 3 2sTroNk looking to make gains 8 Street Hoops place top 8 in first tournament 3 hocz quits SG-1, Lazei joins 0 Recap of GosuGamers Weekly EU #12 3 JoshOG $25k NA Invitational announced 10 $100k global ESL tournament announced for gamescom 2016 10 Liquid lose out on Vonethil and zombs 4 ANOX.OW reforms roster 6 Operation Breakout declassified 5 VGVN and ONOG put a $15,000 spotlight on visas with Operation Breakout 9 av3k joins TF2 stars to form team Fortress 1 Alienware Overwatch Open descends on NYC 8 Rogue release iddqd 0 Agents Rising: Lower Bracket & Grand Final Recap 0 Agents Rising Day 2: Winner's Bracket Recap 1 Agents Rising Day 1: Group Stage Recap 5 TaKeOver Day 1 Recap 3 Chiefs acquire Vandelay Industries 13 Ten minutes with Taimou 11 Esports Arena to host $10,000 LAN tournament in launch week 1 MyDong has gone Rogue 1 IDDQD turn green with EnVy 3 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 21, 2016 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 19, 2016 5 EnVyUs no more 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 15, 2016 1 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 12, 2016 1 Creationists believe in #FlatEarth 1 Overkill announces biggest prize pot to date 1 #FlatEarth find gamers too 0 ONOG Updates 2 The Life of Hanzo reborn as Team Liquid 6 IDDQD lose TviQ and Mendokusaii 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 6, 2016 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 5, 2016 3 Details revealed for One Nation of Gamers Overwatch Invitational 1 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 29, 2016 11 mixup Joins Luminosity 6 G2 numlocked Interviewed 3 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 22, 2016 2 One Nation of Gamers Overwatch Invitational announced 6 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 17, 2016 6 Discord in the Ranks: Meta Watch 2 7 google me Joins Cloud9 5 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 8, 2016 6 Overwatch Update - March 1, 2016 4 G2 Overwatch: A History of Accomplishments 7 Heroes Never Die if They're Never Played: Meta Watch 1 3 Beta receives more balance updates, bug fixes 6 Overwatch closed beta reopens with massive patch 14 G2 signs former Epsilon TF2 players for Overwatch