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6 NiP zappis at Dreamhack Winter: "I don't think there is a strongest comp in the game at the moment" 1 mousesports fade away as LDLC thrive on final day 7 Jason Kaplan on casting & Overwatch: "Why I like casting it is - it's so difficult" 17 Crash bugs plague DreamHack Winter 4 Misfits Zebbosai on DreamHack & EU: "it feels like you're kinda forced to move to NA now" 2 mouz CWoosH on causing an upset: "we have quite a good chance against Misfits" 0 LG replace Ruster with SuperPlouk 2 LDLC klanton: "I feel like this meta is better for us" 1 DreamHack Winter Championship groups drawn 0 LDLC, PENTA, mousesports and UnWanted qualify for DHW main event 5 MLG Vegas groups announced 3 Winter Premiere offers $100K for the holidays 9 DreamHack Winter Championship Viewer’s Guide 0 Rogue pick up Lanf3ust as coach 13 COOLLER replaces Kryw on Misfits due to clashes 7 Picked Over 12 EnVyUs picks up temporary sub Mickie for APEX 14 OGN APEX playoff bracket drawn 37 Talespin steps down from EnVyUs 22 MLG Vegas teams announced 10 Picked Over 3 Interview with hexagrams “I’m about 80% excited, 10% nervous, 10% terrified but it'll be fine” 5 ANOX splits with their Overwatch team 5 DreamHack Winter announce talent lineup 1 Route 66 Cup by Beyond The Summit begins today 17 Hafficool joins Fnatic as trial for MSI MGA & DreamHack Winter 20 Tempo Storm bench Mangachu for Australian duo 5 Sombra, Season 3 and Arcade preview on PTR 20 oPlaiD joins NRG as coach 7 Overwatch World Cup: Finals Recap 0 Overwatch World Cup: Day 4 Recap 15 Overwatch League announced at BlizzCon 6 Overwatch World Cup: Day 4 Predictions 25 BlizzCon 2016 is LIVE! 2 Overwatch World Cup: Day 3 Recap
31 World Rankings: 20th Aug - 30th Oct 2016 16 Overwatch League announcement plans leaked 12 Selfless Gaming's emongg speaks on roster changes 132 NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods 11 Overwatch World Cup: Day 2 Recap 0 Interview with new REUNITED coach Hayes "The loss to Runaway was a big wake up" 2 Overwatch World Cup: Day 1 Recap 31 Splyce undergo major roster changes 5 Cloud9 confirm Roolf, Mendokusaii & ryb 0 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Preview 3 Fnatic join NiP, Rise Nation & KongDoo Panthera for MSI MGA 7 BlizzCon Overwatch World Cup 13 MLG enter Overwatch with $100K Vegas invitational 15 iddqd no longer a Fnatic 3 StarCraft pros find new home at Team First Heroic 2 MVPs of APAC Premier 6 Blizzard propose big balance changes on PTR 12 Luminosity Gaming to remove Tseini for SPREE 6 Blizzard to launch Overwatch League 9 Fnatic, compLexity, NiP & Misfits qualify for DreamHack Winter 0 Overwatch Breaks $1 Million Prize Mark 1 Rogue are the champions of APAC Premier 4 Rogue walk over NGA Club to create EU vs KR Grand Final 0 Lunatic-Hai grind out win over NRG and move to Grand Finals 0 NGA Club overcome All Strike Gaming 3 Melty eSport Club Closes Shop 3 Rogue send AF.Blue home with a win in Quarters of APAC 0 Lunatic-Hai continue dominance over VICI Gaming 1 NRG slam Snake to reach APAC Premier Semi Final 9 APAC Premier playoffs preview 15 Overwatch Patch for October 11th, 2016 6 ANOX bench Quake legends to bring in Nesh and Arty 3 NiP take ZuppehW full time & qualify for DreamHack Winter 21 Dignitas cut numlocked & art1er, add evokje & Veineless 3 Interview with SoOn and Zebbosai "If we hadn't lost to NiP online there's no way we’d win the LAN" 6 MVPs of Overwatch Open 4 REUNITED unveil ONIGOD in Korea 9 Melty remove Flippy to bring in Badger and Hqrdest 22 Kyb steps back from REUNITED 3 Tespa Collegiate Series offers $100,000 in scholarships 4 Groups announced for OGN APEX Season 1 1 LDLC choose Clown over kr4tos 0 Luminosity release mkL, seeking replacements 5 Muma sheds light on new Gale Force roster 25 APAC Premier groups, schedule & preview 24 Teams revealed for $178,000 OGN APEX Season 1 1 Misfits crowned Overwatch Open champions 2 DreamHack Winter hosts $50,000 Overwatch Championship 3 Misfits beat Rogue to become EU champions 0 Misfits put NiP to bed and progress to the EU Final 0 Misfits shine as Luminosity fade to black 2 FaZe win rematch against Dignitas to reach playoffs 1 Luminosity are lights out against ANOX 0 Misfits take a tumble as Rogue top Group B 0 Misfits wipe the floor with LG to open 2 Rogue begin by Putin ANOX down 0 Overwatch Open Preview: EU Group B 0 2easy: FaZe send REUNITED home in last place 0 Ninjas cut down Dignitas to top Group A 7 It's FaZe Down, 'tas Up in Group A 0 NiP tear apart REUNITED in Group A 4 Overwatch Open Preview: EU Group A 12 Splyce lose tank ShaneisGhost 0 EnVyUs win the NA Finals over Fnatic 0 Fnatic dominate NRG en route to NA Final 7 Philadelphia 76ers Acquire Esports Teams Dignitas and Apex 1 EnVyUs knocks Cloud9 out in NA Semis 1 NRG edge out Liquid to escape from Group A 0 Fnatic puts Method down to advance from groups 3 Immortals slain as Fnatic ascend 5 Method upset Cloud9 in crazy fashion 8 NRG show Splyce the door 0 Overwatch Open Preview: NA Group B 0 EnVyUs through groups over Liquid 0 Liquid drain NRG to progress 0 EnVyUs starts strong against Splyce 4 Overwatch Open Preview: NA Group A 7 Overwatch Open Viewer's Guide 0 Immortals draft in wgb for Nomy 5 iBuyPower Fall Invite Postponed 2 Interview: Fnatic coach Roflgator 5 Overwatch Open Tickets Released 1 OGN to host Overwatch APEX 16 Overwatch Open groups released 1 LDLC acquire Le Mixx 7 Immortals sign Sodipop 1 Zaprey quits, Skipjack also absent for Misfits in Overwatch Open 1 OWKings folds as players go separate ways 6 Melty kick MoonL as drastic fix 1 MSI to host $75,000 global tournament 4 Tempo Storm switch three down under 6 Overwatch Patch for September 1st, 2016 4 Tempo Storm announce North American signing 5 Sea Algae Disbands 6 Northern Gaming releases team 3 Recap: REUNITED vs. Rogue - Grand Final ESL Atlantic Showdown 2 Recap: Rogue vs. EnVyUs - Semi-Final ESL Atlantic Showdown 1 Recap: Misfits vs. Fnatic - Group A Decider Match 0 Recap: Rogue vs. compLexity - Group B Decider Match 0 Recap: Cloud9 vs. compLexity - Group B Elimination Match 0 Recap: REUNITED vs. Rogue - Group B Winner's Match ESL Atlantic Showdown 0 Recap: Rogue vs. Cloud9 - R1 ESL Atlantic Showdown 2 Recap: REUNITED vs. compLexity - R1 ESL Atlantic Showdown 0 Recap: Misfits vs. Fnatic - Group A Opening Match 1 Tempo Storm signs Untitled Spreadsheet with plans for 2nd NA team 10 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown Viewer's Guide 10 Overwatch Open regional finals groups announced 6 Dignitas to buy out Creation eSports team 9 WEUNITED change two and become Immortals 5 Rules & format for Blizzcon World Cup 2 Interview with H2K, the new kids next door 8 EHOME sign Korean UW Artisan 3 ESL begin King of the Hill cups 19 TSM transferred to compLexity due to "additional allegations" of past cheating 2 Method take 1SHOT 10 NRG sign mixup, dummy confirmed 6 Splyce cut Papasmurf, sign shrugger & syckness 6 Ninjas in Pyjamas sign SG-1 5 2sTroNk join LG with plans to move to NA 6 Luminosity Gaming contracts expire 3 Untitled Spreadsheet find two new talents 0 k1ck return to Overwatch with Eyeoctane 7 dummy leaves as Liquid sign Minstrel and id_ 1 ESL corrects seeds for Atlantic Showdown 1 Final 16 for NA Atlantic Showdown Qualifier 3 Final 16 known for ESL Atlantic Showdown EU Qualifiers 1 The Australian winter shuffle begins 3 Northern Gaming Blue roster dropped 1 michr leaves OWKings to be replaced by Clown 11 Overwatch Patch for July 26, 2016 7 £5000 LAN at Insomnia58, qualifier for free tickets 4 kyynel returns to SG-1 as Lazei leaves 22 Allegations fly as Bird leaves Northern Gaming Red 6 Team SoloMid snap up Code7 16 Overwatch Open announced by ELEAGUE and FACEIT 12 FaZe slash half their roster 1 ToxikeN officially joins Creation eSports 5 Fnatic return with nubris acquisition 3 KabaL leaves Melty, tek set to join 12 Overwatch Patch for July 19, 2016 2 Team Aera lose tek, bring in poinT 11 Selfless drop two, bring in dhaK 8 Viewer’s Guide to iBUYPOWER Invitational Championship Bracket 2 DoT replaces Ned on 1SHOT 7 Splyce release Steel and flame 0 The 7th Man: An interview with mousesports lirreboss 4 Beyond the Summit launch $10,000 series 3 Aera signs top3 French team 2 Gale Force eSports and roster part ways 16 HL1 and Stopwatch return in ESL 8 Hero Limits in Overwatch 9 Teams announced for $5000 iBUYPOWER Summer Invitational 3 Overwatch Patch for July 06, 2016 1 2Easy makes way as rookie Kyb joins REUNITED 0 Likely signed as OWKings shuffle roster 2 BrOverwatch becomes GamersOrigin 7 REUNITED put 2Easy on ice 4 Overwatch Patch for June 28, 2016 22 Luminosity Gaming remove Esper 7 Creation contest as KnOxXx voids contract and may go Rogue 1 Chiefs replace ory with Zellogs 0 ozfortress Heroes League goes live 0 Avant Garde signs SHAFT 3 AU Overwatch team enters Orbit 2 ESL Atlantic Showdown details 5 Bird migrates to Northern Gaming Red 10 Graviton Surge are Misfits and now Kings of Europe 15 FaZe unveil intercontinental roster 5 harbleu rejoins Gale Force eSports 1 nubris out, 1SHOT in for Operation Breakout 1 ESL Amazon Gaming Series €10,000 0 €3000 Acer Pro Challenge 6 b1am's boys become Selfless 18 Overwatch Patch for June 14, 2016 7 harbleu parts with Gale Force eSports 8 Splyce pick up FIGM 3 2sTroNk looking to make gains 8 Street Hoops place top 8 in first tournament 3 hocz quits SG-1, Lazei joins 0 Recap of GosuGamers Weekly EU #12 3 JoshOG $25k NA Invitational announced 10 $100k global ESL tournament announced for gamescom 2016 10 Liquid lose out on Vonethil and zombs 4 ANOX.OW reforms roster 6 Operation Breakout declassified 5 VGVN and ONOG put a $15,000 spotlight on visas with Operation Breakout 9 av3k joins TF2 stars to form team Fortress 1 Alienware Overwatch Open descends on NYC 8 Rogue release iddqd 0 Agents Rising: Lower Bracket & Grand Final Recap 0 Agents Rising Day 2: Winner's Bracket Recap 1 Agents Rising Day 1: Group Stage Recap 5 TaKeOver Day 1 Recap 3 Chiefs acquire Vandelay Industries 13 Ten minutes with Taimou 11 Esports Arena to host $10,000 LAN tournament in launch week 1 MyDong has gone Rogue 1 IDDQD turn green with EnVy 3 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 21, 2016 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 19, 2016 5 EnVyUs no more 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 15, 2016 1 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 12, 2016 1 Creationists believe in #FlatEarth 1 Overkill announces biggest prize pot to date 1 #FlatEarth find gamers too 0 ONOG Updates 2 The Life of Hanzo reborn as Team Liquid 6 IDDQD lose TviQ and Mendokusaii 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 6, 2016 0 Overwatch Beta Patch for April 5, 2016 3 Details revealed for One Nation of Gamers Overwatch Invitational 1 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 29, 2016 11 mixup Joins Luminosity 6 G2 numlocked Interviewed 3 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 22, 2016 2 One Nation of Gamers Overwatch Invitational announced 6 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 17, 2016 6 Discord in the Ranks: Meta Watch 2 7 google me Joins Cloud9 5 Overwatch Beta Patch for March 8, 2016 6 Overwatch Update - March 1, 2016 4 G2 Overwatch: A History of Accomplishments 7 Heroes Never Die if They're Never Played: Meta Watch 1 3 Beta receives more balance updates, bug fixes 6 Overwatch closed beta reopens with massive patch 14 G2 signs former Epsilon TF2 players for Overwatch