What music do you listen when you play?

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For it me kinda depends on the game that I usually play, if I am playing competitively I usually play a lot of trap music for games like overwatch, warzone, valorant or csgo, I don't usually do this on triple A games like RDR2 since I want to immerse myself within the world itself lol. but casual card games like video poker hmm, I tune in to a lot of lofi music cause it blends in perfectly well. list your jams down below! I wanna know yours.

Competitive Gaming/Casual

Chill lofi vibes


Well that all depends on what i do, but then when i do crypto trading and research at https://learncrypto.com/knowledge-base/how-to-trade-crypto/how-to-place-a-trade , i just do some upbeat music to keep me awake since i do it at night before i sleep. Sometimes I tend to forget some things and that music would keep me awake until I find it. There are others who think that the lack of music makes it hard for us to work and i could not agree more.

here is my current playlist, a bunch of oldies and classics

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